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Well, yea.

I wonder whether you can really succeed without failing? I’ve finished uni less than a year ago and I’ve already landed a job thousands of fashion graduates would kill to have, yet I still feel like a failure.
The fashion industry is so incredibly fast paced that it make me a little ill- which is probably why I’m off ill today. In between seasons (i.e now) is so insane that I can’t even go and pee without falling behind. People get pissed off because they don’t understand that I honestly don’t. have. time to text or email them back during the week.
I’m working the equivalent of two people’s jobs, helping out other areas of the company… I love it, but I think it might give me a heart attack.
Getting palpitations at the thought of a whole days work I have to catch up on tomorrow alongside tomorrow’s work.

Just because you kissed
someone with scars
doesn’t make you
a hero.
— (via frappuczino)

plants are rad✌️


things to be happy about:
-the feeling of sunshine on your skin
-coffee in the garden first thing in the morning
-parks that have ducks
-the smell of summer
-butterflies (both literal and otherwise)
-songs that give you goosebumps every time
-the fact that people care about you


(by billyallpress)

Photography by Roger Smith

Went for a long run in the woods this morning with my boyfriend. The most perfect morning ever.